Bones of Glory


Bones of Glory

Our Story

Frederic Chocron is a well-established denim manufacturer, who has produced for some of the world leading denim brands over the last decade. He always believed in community –creating direct contact between producer and consumer.

With this experience and expertise in the technicality of denim manufacturing, he founded Bones of Glory and combines in Bones of Glory know how and creativity.

„we are obsessed with quality sourced without compromises, yielding a product of unsurpassed excellence.“

- Frederic Chocron (Founder & Art director)

How we work

We work directly with our customers without any deviations and seek to create brand loyalty through personalized VIP treatment. We implement special orders and our clients feedback directly to our own manufacturer. Offering a good service and the highest quality materials at a good price is what we stand for.

BBONES OF GLORY complement the world’s best denim with Cashmere and Leather, to exceed a new generation and be the benchmark of ultimate perfection and ultimate touch of luxury.

Bones of Glory Team


Frederic Chocron



Joan Casamitjana

Head of Sales & Distribution


Norbert Medus

Head of Marketing